Welcome to infowhores.co.uk

I'm Pete, I'm from Yorkshire in the UK
As I've already said I'm sickened by the various conspiracy theories that exist to excuse terrorist acts against civillians in the west
I feel that far too many unsubstantiated claims are being made by Mr Alex Jones of infowars.com, and feel very strongly that soneone needs to stand up to him.
This site was set up in the summer to try and counteract the damage he is doing. However due to time constraints - I have a full time job, and that has to take priorty over the work I do with this site - research is very time consuming. Certain topics require complicated knowledge of construction, engineering, & demolitions techniques, and (the bit im struggling with most), the time to write articles explaining such concepts, in simple terms that everyone can understand.

As this work is taking longer than I had originally anticipated, I have set up a forum to give people an interesting place to debate these issues.

Please feel welcome to join in and offer suggestions and constructive criticism.