11th September 2001.

7th July 2005

The London Bombings

On the Seventh of July 2005 four men from West Yorkshire who were deeply upset about Britains involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq travelled down to London with rucksacs full of explosives, they killed themselves and 52 innocent people.

It has however been alleged that these men could not have been filmed at 7.22 am at Luton station and arrive at Kings Cross in time to be filmed entering the London Underground, because the 7.40 from Luton which would have arrived at 8.16 was cancelled.

The website http://www.financialoutrage.org.uk/thameslink_database.htm publishes a timetable about this, making that very claim.

However it quietly mentions on that very same timetable, that the 7.25am Luton to Kings Cross service, which arrived at Kings Cross at 8.23am DID run. And the men were indeed captured on CCTV at Luton, and Kings Cross underground station.

Surviving eyewitnesses saw the men detonate their bombs.

CCTV cameras on tube trains filmed the 21/7/2005 terrorism attempts; and it is likely that the CCTV systems on the trains also recorded the 7/7 bombings (however due to the horrific nature of a bombing, it is unlikely that the footage will ever be released).

A house in Hyde Park Leeds, frequently visited by these men was found to have been used as a bomb factory.

Reciepts show that Germaine Lindsay spent £900 on perfume (which is based on alcohol
CnH2n+1OH.) Alcohol is flammable, but when reacted with other chemicals can become highly oxidising making it a very powerful explosive substance.

Martin Gilbertson a former employee of the Irqa bookshop in Beeston, worked for Mohammad Siddique Kahn. Mr Gilbertson alleges that he made an official complaint to West Yorkshire police anti terrorism officers in october 2003 fearing that Kahn, and his friend Shehzad Tanweer may commit a terrorist attack abroad.

The men also made video's explaining their motives.

Logically one can conclude that Mohammed Siddique Kahn, Hasib Hussein, Germaine Lindsay, and
Shehzad Tanweer, were indeed responsible for the 7th of July 2005 bombings.